Have you ever done anything that is so spectacular that nothing else can even compare to it? Like maybe a vacation to the Bahamas or the closing night of the play you got the lead in, or something along those lines. Well, that's what reading The Hunger Games series was like for me. After I was done reading it I felt like my life had just reached it's highest peak and it was all going down hill from there. It felt something like a mini depression. I had dreams about The Hunger Games, I looked online a year before the movie came out for casting choices and sometimes I would just pull it off the shelf and read parts of the book over again. Finally, I found closure to that chapter in my life, after reading the other two books as well, by finding an almost equally good book, The Maze Runner. Actually, I read The Scorch Trials first and I think it managed to make my reading the first book a more enjoyable experience. I was able to find just enough information to understand the book where as others might not, but not too much that it completely gave away the plot. Anyways, what I am trying to say is... Read. The. Books. Oh, but maybe I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself here's what The Maze Runner is about.
Thomas wakes up, dazed, confused, and surrounded by boys. He still is able to make out what is happening around him, but unable to remember anything from his past. Forced to start a new life in a place that the other boys call the glade, Thomas has a sudden and strong urge to become a runner, a job that requires running the maze daily, noting any changes, and trying to find their way out. But the very next day, Thomas’ life is changed forever, for the second time since he can remember, a girl enters the glade, throwing his and the other boys’ lives into chaos. Thomas is sheepish to admit that he feels a deep connection between himself and this strange new girl. Now Thomas must try to regain his lost memories, and more importantly to survive in this horrible new place.

The Maze Runner is like anything I could ask for in a book. Lots of sci-fi action, mystery, and the slightest hint of romance. In short, it's the perfect story. James Dashner, the author of The Maze Runner, was able to create a mood of suspense through out the entire book. It leaves you wonder what will happen next and unable to put it down. The characters, especially Thomas, are incredibly likeable, you want the gladers, the boys that Thomas met in the glade, to escape the maze and later get to the safe haven. Well, I've said all that needs to be said.

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