This list is not in order.
1. When the switch in the bathroom is an air conditioner AND a light-I mean what is the deal with that? Oh yeah, because you want to see what your doing in there also means that you want to be freezing cold *eye roll*
2. Commercials that don't actually advertise the product they're trying to sell-you know those commercials that show people riding down the street on bikes, I mean they're so obviously not advertising bikes, but what is unclear is what they ARE advertising!
3. In cartoons when something happens, for instance, when a character gets a haircut in one scene, after the commercial break they don't have that same haircut anymore.
4. When toys, especially dolls, have names-Ever seen a Bratz doll? The one that really bugs me is the one named Sasha-Bella, those are two names that should never, and I mean never be pared together.
5. Movies that you can't follow- I watched this one movie and all the characters had deep voices that you can't actually listen to, I don't exactly

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