First of all, you do not know joy until you get to jump on a trampoline that you spent six, or more hours setting it up. Seriously, it was unpaid labor, because, as my parents said, they could just leave us, my brother and I, outside to work on it and they should add to our tab because of THEIR work, WHAT?  Anyways, unfortunately, after jumping for about an hour, guess what happened, the leg BROKE off! Wow.  So then, guess what, we basically took it apart again, fun right? That's not even the terror part, school is. I have been having these crazy school dreams where I miss the bus so many times in one night, it's awful. And the worst is, I haven't got my backpack yet. UGH, I'm sooo behind!
This list is not in order.
1. When the switch in the bathroom is an air conditioner AND a light-I mean what is the deal with that? Oh yeah, because you want to see what your doing in there also means that you want to be freezing cold *eye roll*
2. Commercials that don't actually advertise the product they're trying to sell-you know those commercials that show people riding down the street on bikes, I mean they're so obviously not advertising bikes, but what is unclear is what they ARE advertising!
3. In cartoons when something happens, for instance, when a character gets a haircut in one scene, after the commercial break they don't have that same haircut anymore.
4. When toys, especially dolls, have names-Ever seen a Bratz doll? The one that really bugs me is the one named Sasha-Bella, those are two names that should never, and I mean never be pared together.
5. Movies that you can't follow- I watched this one movie and all the characters had deep voices that you can't actually listen to, I don't exactly

  It was a late, Wednesday night and I was playing hide and seek tag with my seven little cousins by
my building. It was late in the game when I realized a key point, I had to use the bathroom. I ran
into the open, and throwing all caution to wind I ran inside to an open condo, stomped down the hall
to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I went to the bathroom with almost no problems, until
I heard a comically deep voice from down the hall,
"Diana, is that you?" He said.
That's about the time I realized, this was NOT my apartment. I knew what I had to do, pretend I
was Diana and just go along with this thing for a while. Well, at least that was my original plan, then
I started thinking, actually thinking this time. I realized that I could probably make it to the door in
a few seconds flat if I didn't make to much noise. So I quietly unlocked the door and attempted to
open the door, unfortunately for me, the door was jammed, and low and behold, I was locked in. I
thought about calling the guy to help me get unstuck, but I was trying to leave with as much dignity
as I could muster at that point. Just then, as I was frantically jiggling the door knob, I heard footsteps
coming down the hall to were I was and then I heard the voice for the second time that day.
"Who the **** is in there?" The guy basically screamed.
"Umm, hi," I said, really trying to keep my cool, and of course, I was not. "My name's Elle, I accidentally
walked into your apartment instead of mine, and now the door's jammed, do you think you could help me out?"
The guy agreed, but told me to be more careful in the future, I decided to keep quiet, and just get out of
that stupid bathroom.
That's when my luck changed, I'm not sure when or why, but at some point, I looked out their window, which
didn't have a screen, don't worry, I was on the first floor. So, I grabbed the top edge of the window and
lifted myself out. I guess that day just refused to go my way, because I managed to land smack-dab in the
middle of a bush.
When I finally pulled myself out of the bush, I was dirty, embarrassed, and kind of lost, but at least I was out. After that episode, I am not looking forward to going outside again.