Hey guys,
again my goal is different from what I usually do. This week I am going to.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...........
do kind of like a science fair project. The question: What conditions improve short term memory?
Hypothesis: If I test four different people using techniques like mnemonics, songs, a longer period of time to look at the test, using pictures to connect with the test and  repeated rehearsal, then I believe that the person using the pictures will have the best memory because having a visual is proven to help people remember things.

    I told you I would have it. I''ll have my new goal up tomorrow.
    It was small, it was dark, and it had been moving upward at a steady pace for at least half an hour. There, in the middle of the darkened elevator floor, lay a girl, curly brown hair swooped and curled around her. She was conscious, but barely so. She sat up, forcing her eyes open straining them to get them to adjust, but they didn’t. It was completely and utterly, black.
She thought hard, trying to grasp on to grasp onto something,anything from her past. For some reason, one word, a name, ran through her head, Elle. My name is Elle. She held on to that one piece of knowledge, searching her brain for more. Names, places, people, but there was nothing more, so she waited. But wait, she did know something, she knew about the sun beating down on her head on a summer day, reading a book, petting a small dog, but she couldn’t remember what the book was, or what the dog looked like, she remembered people, but not who they were, or what they looked like.
    Suddenly, and without warning, the lift stopped. Elle looked around, anticipating, something, she wasn’t sure exactly what just yet. She braced herself for intense light, anything, really. But nothing changed except for the lift rocking vigorously back and forth. Elle focused on one spot of darkness, trying to force something to move, a slow change. She readied her eyes for a sudden change in the light, anything.
    Then, it happened. A blinding light, one much worse than what she had prepared herself for. And then she saw them, a crowd of fifty to sixty boys surrounding her. Who are these people? She thought to herself. Then one boy, a sturdily built Asian boy walked up to her and held out his hand, but not before yelling,
“Holy, clunk! Newt, Thomas, get over here, it’s another girl!” two boys came over and starred openly at her. The first boy tugged her out of what looked like a giant elevator and demanded,
“Who are you?” She looked at him.
“I don’t- I mean- I-” She stammered.
“Give her a little space, Minho.” The boy who must be either Newt or Thomas grunted. “She just came out of the bloody box, and it’s not her fault she’s a girl.”
“This has already happened once.” Chimed in the other boy. “Remember Theresa?”
    Elle looked around, bewildered. Fifty blank eyes gazed back at her. She managed a shy smile. Nobody, of course, smiled back.
“My-my name is Elle.” She finally said, just barely pushing the words past her lips. She looked at the three boys surrounding her, none of them looked to unkind, the boy named Minho was big, but certainly not menacing. As for the two others, they looked nice enough too. “Who are you?” She choked out.
“Bloody forgot to introduce myself, didn’t I?” Said one of the boys, he was tall and looked to be one of the older boys in the group. He had rather a crooked smile that looked half-hearted. “The name’s Newt, this is my friend Tommy.” He said gesturing to a boy who looked slightly younger than himself, perhaps, sixteen, maybe? He had mousy brown hair and was tall and very slender.
“Newt, show her around, will you?” Minho asked in a gruff voice. Newt took her by the arm and started leading her away. When her feet stayed planted where she stood, Newt looked back at her and exclaimed:
“You coming, Elle, is it?”
“Oh, I’m sorry!” She said, coming out of her sudden trance.
“How about you Tommy?” Newt looked at the boy called Tommy, possibly, Thomas. “You want to show the new greeny around?”
“Just so we’re clear,” The boy who Elle now knew as Thomas, said, “I haven’t been the greeny since Theresa came.”
“Oh, sorry, you’re still a greeny to me Tommy.” Thomas rolled his eyes.
Elle, looking around, realized she had no idea where she was. Right now, they seemed to be in some kind of a clearing, there was grass and boys seemed to have some kind of farm set up. But around them there were high walls in random arrangements, they were horrible, large walls.
“Excuse me,” She said, rather shyly, “Where are we.”
“We’re in the glade.” Said Thomas. “Welcome to your new life.

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I know I should have something posted by today but, I got distracted, uhh see other page to find out why.
I'll have something tomorrow. SORRY!
So as you may or may not have noticed, it's Sunday. I've decided that Sunday is my official posting day. So
this week I'm going to do something way different from last week.
My assignment:
Write the first chapter of The Maze Runner from my own perspective as if I was in the story.
•Must be at least five pages long
•Must include details from the real story
•Must be edited at least three times
Well, see you next Sunday, or on my other page sooner :D
Hey look, I'm back! And, I'm actually finished early! Sorry, I'm just getting started with
learning how to edit and things, I am hoping to improve though! Well hope you enjoy, or
Later today I am going to Canon Beach in Oregon. We, my family and I, go there every year with my grandparents and cousins. So my goal is to make a video about what it is like in Canon Beach.
Must have at least three interviews
•Must have a voice over
•Must have at least some B roll
•Must have some shots of the beach
Does a movie have the power to change a life? Can a book inspire a religion? What is life? All these questions, and more, will be discussed, and possibly answered in my blog. Mostly, the purpose of creating this website is to practice my writing skills and share my opinions, but also to broaden yours, and my horizons. Each week I will think of a goal of some kind, like a question I want answered or a poem I want to write, and at the end of the week I will have the final product. On my other page, that's pretty much when I have something to say. Well,
ta ta for now!